Are there any rules about what I can share on KCRS?

A few.  Here are the main things that will get your links taken down.

1) No advertisments, paid posts, press releases, etc.

2) No negative posts about people, places, or things in KC.  A review of a restaurant you didn’t like is permitted.  A review of “the worst restaurant ever with a huge jerk as a chef” is not.

3) No more than two posts in a row should be from the same site (your site or someone else’s).  This is just to keep a little variety out there.

4) No more than three or five posts in a row should come from the same site (see above).

5) All posts must be related to Kansas City, Restaurants, and Food.  Events or products that are KC based and might appeal to foodies are permitted.  This one is a judgement call.  Use good judgement and it shouldn’t be an issue.

6) The administrator of the site will make the sole determination of what is allowed on the site.  I don’t want to delete anything.  If my judgement is that a post is inappropriate for any of the reasons listed above, it is final and not personal.

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