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One of the reasons the Kansas City restaurant scene is so vibrant is because of the hard work of the food bloggers around town.  As a blogger, I understand the struggle of finding new readers and reaching a larger audience.  One of the most effective ways to reach new readers is to have your content linked to from other sites.  This not only helps you reach new readers, but also helps your rankings within Google search.

Kansas City Restaurant Scene is designed to benefit bloggers and readers.  Bloggers gain exposure to a wider audience and valuable backlinks.  Readers have an easier way to keep up to date and the opportunity to find new bloggers they enjoy reading.   The site was built using the same framework I use for www.bestrestaurantblogs.com.   So it was relatively easy to set up and uses hosting space that I already had available.  I have no intentions of adding advertising to the site other than my company logo at the bottom of the page.

You probably have a few questions about the site.  I have written a quick FAQ to help answer them and learn more about how you can take advantage of this site.

How does sharing a link on KCRS help me?

How do I share a link on KCRS?

How can I get more links shared on KCRS?

What kind of links should I share on KCRS?

Aren’t you just stealing my content?

Are there any rules about what I can share on KCRS?

Can I write a post about KCRS?

Why don’t the links I share show up on KCRS?

Can I advertise on KCRS or buy a copy of the member list to KCRS?

Do you have a question that I missed?  Feel free to ask via the contact page.

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