What kind of links should I share on KCRS?

KCRS is a site about restaurants in KC.  There is a little leniency for cool products and events that may appeal to foodies.  Topics relevant to food, restaurants, and dining are also welcome.

Here is a list of things that should not be submitted and will be deleted:

Advertisement- If the post is a blatant ad, it doesn’t belong here.

Paid/Sponsored Posts- Congrats on earning a paid post.  I am not judging you for selling a spot on your blog, but it doesn’t belong here.

Press Releases- There are lots of great press release sites.  If you want to write a posts based on a press release (not copied and pasted), it might pass the filter.  Please don’t be offended if it does not.

Complaints About Other Blogs/ Restaurant Owners/ Chefs/ Etc-  Let’s keep this a positive place.

I want to keep the rules pretty loose.  Post what people want to read, not just what you want them to read.  It will help make KCRS better for everyone.

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