Why don’t the links I share show up on KCRS?

As of the launch of the site, all posts are scheduled to be added automatically.  At some point though, the spammers will find out about the site.  The site this one was based upon, www.bestrestaruantblogs.com has received over 10,000 spam posts in under a year.  You run a blog so I am sure you can relate to what a pain it is.  I have a filter that stops 99% of the spam posts.  1% of 10,000 is still a lot of spam.  At some point, I may have to hold posts on this site to be manually approved as well.

I am working on a way to create a “trusted member” status that will allow Kansas City bloggers to post directly, but hold the posts of new members.  Until that is created, please be patient if your posts do not show up automatically.

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